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As nurse advocates, we continue to push for professional, safe and ethical foot care services available to our seniors. We thrive on the satisfaction we get from helping our patients and are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community in such a meaningful way.

Our success is measured by the ever-growing number of seniors we serve each week. As a foot care nurse, providing such care to our seniors within the community is my honor.


Heather Wilson, RN | Founder

The experience Heather gained working bedside in the vascular thoracic surgical unit provided the foundation for Everyday Divinity. Bearing witness to the rise of seniors who were in need of foot care services, she saw first hand how the effects of improper foot care can lead to lower extremity infections and amputations.

When she explored the options for safe senior foot care, she found a gap in the healthcare system. Insurance restrictions limited the availability of foot care services for our seniors. As a result, many podiatrists were no longer offering routine foot care services. This left nail salons or family members to become the foot care provider. These options carry many risks.

Heather developed Everyday Divinity, a safe medical grade business model to care for our seniors. Her solution; create a business within her scope of practice as defined by the Ohio Board of Nursing, to deliver-safe, effective, routine foot care services. Having provided services to over 7,000 patients in Ohio, she is recognized as an industry leader throughout the United States.

Heather is an RN with an Associate Degree in Nursing. She is married with one son and a boxer dog. Heather loves chardonnay, Bon Jovi and traveling. Volunteer efforts include riding in Pelotonia – a road cycling organization that raises money for cancer research.


Jamie Neutzling | Administrative Assistant

Jamie Neutzling is Everyday Divinity’s administrative assistant. She has extensive experience with coordinating the daily business activity within major profit and non-profit organizations. For 10 years, Jamie worked for The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. She has served in various supporting roles over the years working with multiple senior demographic related organizations.

When you call Everyday Divinity, Jamie will be a happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, schedule your appointments and will make reminder calls so you don’t miss any booked appointments.

Jamie is married and is a true animal lover. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and helping others.

I never thought I would see the day that I needed help taking care of my feet, but I received a gift certificate and I’ve been coming ever since.

Don P.

Olivedale Senior Center

After having this service done at another senior center, I knew we needed this at the Reynoldsburg Senior Center. I discussed it with our director and thankfully she agreed.

Wanda S.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Access to safe, routine foot care shouldn't be a challenge.

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