From Patients

“As a retired nurse, I can’t brag enough about how effective this has been for me. I am no longer stressed about how I will cut these nails!”

Dorothy P – Pickerington Senior Center

“I can’t reach or see my feet. The convenience of this service is just what I needed.”

Nancy T. – Blendon Woods Senior Center

“I never thought I would see the day that I needed help taking care of my feet, but I received a gift certificate and I’ve been coming ever since.”

Don P. – Olivedale Senior Center

"This service should be available to all seniors. I’ve been to podiatrists, nail salons and they don’t compare to what these nurses do."

Ms. Elaine G.

“I was somewhat nervous and embarrassed about having anyone see my nails. But Heather put me right at ease and did a great job.”

Steve J. – Sycamore Creek Senior Living

“I am addicted to this service. My feet hurt if I don’t come on a regular basis.”

Diane S. Westerville Ohio Senior Center

“I used to go to the VA Clinic for my foot care, but that took up a day just waiting. These services are much more convenient. I show up at my appointment time and I am done 30 minutes later.”

Bob T. – Madison County Senior Center

“What a blessing this service has become for myself and my brother. We are both diabetic and we look forward to our appointment every month. “

Kathy B. – Olivedale Senior Center

“As a tennis player, I can tell an improvement in my foot health since beginning with Heather in 2011”

Bob W. Blendon Woods Senior Center

“I tried different podiatrist and none of them did an adequate or remotely decent job. My nails were always left bleeding after these appointments. That’s when I starting looking for other options and came across the service at the senior center. It’s been so helpful especially since I am a diabetic – and she hasn’t cut me once! “

Carolyn J. Blendon Woods Senior Center

“My nails were black when I started coming to the senior center foot clinks. She performs miracles! My nails are no longer black and my shoes don’t hurt now. “

Jan R. Blendon Woods Senior Center

“It’s the best service for us seniors to get our feet looked after. With my chemo treatments I don’t want to risk any infections.”

Linus L – Blendon Woods Senior Center

“I was cutting my skin with each attempt to trim my nails. It became too difficult to do and with my history of blood thinners use, my doctor recommended Everyday Divinity’s services. I’ve been coming ever since.”

Pete D. – Madison County Senior Center

“This needs to be available to all seniors.”

Betty P. – Olivedale Senior Center

“I tell all my friends about this service. It has been such a Godsend for myself and other residents.”

Ruth C. – Amber Park Assisted Living

“I’m elderly and unable to take care of my toenails. Some of the nails were very thick due to fungus. I saw Heathers advertisement and called for an appointment. Heather did an awesome job! She has been at my house twice now and my toenails are looking so much better. Call Her! You won’t be disappointed. To top it off, she is “cute as a bug’s ear!"

Ms. Carole S.

"I am pleased to recommend the services of Heather Wilson of Everyday Divinity. She comes to my house every three months and brings relief to my poor aching feet. This she does with great skill, professionalism and of course with a fine “footside” manner. I vale her service especially as I am growing older and it becomes harder and harder for me to properly care for my feet. I am grateful that Heather is there to help."

Mr. Harry K.

"I took my mom to the Podiatrist for years and I never paid less than $50 for routine foot care. Now that we have Everyday Divinity, we get better care and for less money."

Ms. Sally M.

"My feet have never felt as good as they have right now. As far as I am concerned, she walks on water."

Mr. John

"Since coming to you, my ingrown have not been a problem."

Ms. Janet H.

“I wore steel toe boots, was in Vietnam and my feet have literally been through the war! As a rancher my feet were abused over the years. This service has given me back the ability to walk without pain.”

James C. – Pickerington Senior Center

“Appointments are very convenient for my 96 year old mother. Heather has made house calls to care for my mom, now that is service!"

Mary M. – Westerville Senior Center

“The members appreciate the time, care and attention they receive from nurses. I joined the senior center just for this service.”

Tim W. – Groveport Senior Center

“I think this is fabulous for our aging seniors. It’s a service provided in a comfortable manner. We aren’t just a number and they are nurses doing what nurse do – providing care versus looking at a computer. As a retired nurse I respect the service and hope it grows."

Joan S. – Canal Winchester Senior Center

“My nails were too thick to cut. This service, over time, has helped alleviate the pain I have had from these nails for years”

William P. – Scenic Hills Senior Center

“I pulled my back out the last time I tried to trim my nails. My wife couldn’t do my nails and that’s when she called the senior center looking for help. We are so grateful for this service – no more pulled backs for me!”

Phil P. – Scenic Hills Senior Center

“After having this service done at another senior center, I knew we needed this at the Reynoldsburg Senior Center. I discussed it with our director and thankfully she agreed.”

Wanda S. – Reynoldsburg, Ohio

From Facility Directors

"Everyday Divinity facilitates professional and quality foot care services to the Westerville Senior Center. It has developed into an expected monthly healthcare service our members rely on and look forward to receiving. Heather’s appointment schedule continues to fill quickly and she received outstanding reviews from our Westerville Senior Center members. I would recommend Everyday Divinity Foot Care without hesitation."

Director of Westerville Senior Center

“We have been waiting so long for Everyday Divinity to bring foot care services to our residents. I’m glad we are finally on the books!”

Jenny D. – Sycamore Creek Senior Living

"As soon as I heard of this service, I called Heather to get Reynoldsburg on the list. Her Foot Care Clinics have been filled every month since. The service has brought another aspect to our membership programming. We also got a few new members that joined so they would know when Heather would be here. Heather provides a great service to our membership. For those that can no longer manage their own foot care, she is a Godsend. Everyone that has had an appointment has come back–that’s the real test!"

Director, Senior Center of Reynoldsburg

"Everyday Divinity Foot Care has provided an excellent service to our active senior adult population for a number of years at the City of Stow Senior Center. Foot Care Specialist, Jen Vanek is truly welcoming and very professional; making each client feel comfortable. The feedback we receive from clients has been overwhelmingly positive with many becoming regular customers."

Recreation Supervisor, Parks and Recreation

Our residents are given a choice in who provides their foot care. Majority of them have chosen Everyday Divinity as their provider.

Assisted Living Director, Amber Park

Members sign up in advance to assure they get their name on the sign-up sheet for their next appointment. It’s a service they have come to appreciate and expect.

Director, Canal Winchester Senior Center

A foot care provider we can depend on….finally!

Independent Living Center Director

From Nurses

As a foot care nurse; my schedule is flexible, clients love the service, and I see an improvement in the health of clients’ feet and nails over a relatively short period of time. It is a simple and necessary service that is changing lives….and is a lot more rewarding that working in the hospital.

Foot care nurses get to interact with wonderful people, make them feel better quickly, and have the time to provide relevant education on how to keep feet healthy. For me, it’s what nursing is all about.

Seniors appreciate the service foot care nurses provide. It is very satisfying to have the time to listen to their stories, learn about their experiences and hear them laugh.

There is definitely growth in the nursing foot care field; whenever I explain what I do, someone tells me how their family member would love this service. Once word of the service spreads, our clinics fill up.

Jenifer Vanek RN, BSN, CFCN

Owner: Reliable Nurse Foot Care

Everyday Divinity has given me an opportunity to truly connect with patients in a genuine and meaningful way. Our new patients are amazed at the personal service and seeing the progressive improvement of our regular patient’s foot health is extremely rewarding – we are making a difference!

Holding foot care clinics on a part-time basis allows me to remain employed at the hospital, volunteer at the local humane society and enjoy my grandchildren.

I encourage any nurse that is looking for a work/life balance and has the burning desire to help seniors maintain active lifestyle to call Heather.

Joyce Merrick, RN

Everyday Divinity foot care nurse

NOTE: Many of the senior centers and independent living centers are not allowed to make public endorsements, give recommendations or have their individual names published because they are publically funded. We are happy to give referrals upon request.

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